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Vibrant Paths


Hey Liese!

This is T. from last evenings reading.

I just wanted to thank you again.

Everything made sense and just continued to make more sense after I left.

Thank you for everything!


T. V. Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday. It truly inspired confidence in myself and reinforced my belief that I'm on the right path.

Elizabeth M, Toronto 

Thank you again for seeing me on Saturday and doing such an insightful reading.

You were right on the money on quite a few readings.

Something you had said was that new business opportunities would pop up soon. Well, Monday, I received a few emails from prospective employers!

As well, you had mentioned that Mom was telling you that I should get her files and paperwork done sooner than later. Well, again, on Monday, I received three phone calls from people that I’ve needed to speak to, that would take care of everything. Oddly enough when I was talking to all three gentlemen, Cardinals were sitting just outside the window, peering in at me. When I went outside to finish one of the calls, Cardinals were singing in the backyard.

Mom’s favourite birds were Cardinals.

I had asked you about four specific people. After the reading, all four reached out to me to discuss matters that have been on our minds. Your insight to the four, made my understanding of what they were asking, much more meaningful. All of a sudden, I knew where they were coming from. Very helpful and POSITIVE! You were so accurate about all four that I was dumbfounded at the time to ask you about two other people.

Thank you again for taking the time,

It was perfect timing and everything was so reassuring.

Dave W. – Toronto, Ontario Canada

“Thank you for the reading last night, "I feel free" from the concerning

issues I had. My life has finally started! Turning 60 this year, it's never

too late to start!”

Cathy S. - Toronto, Ontario Canada

“Finally a reading I can relate to, I feel positive, upbeat and ready to get on with it!”

Chris S. - Hamilton, Ontario Canada

"It was a pleasure to have you in my house the energy was so strong thank you again. Thank you and have a wonderful day

Connie N - Toronto, Ontario Canada